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What we can learn from Aerial America

Are you a fan of the show Aerial America?

Aerial America (on the Smithsonian channel) takes you all over the United States giving you a bird-eye’s view of all America has to offer. It's one of my favorite shows because my family and I love to travel and we always watch to see the places we have been and new ideas for places to go!

One thing I love about Aerial America is how they tell stories and their focus on short, snackable stories. They start with the episode (like Nevada), take you into a location (Las Vegas), focus on a feature (Bellagio fountains) but then peak your interest with a short story you’ve probably never heard before (divers at the fountains and how they test nozzles and other equipment). Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is the first example of crowdfunding? Did you now that Juneau (one of our favorite cities) is the only state capital not accessible by car by the rest of the state?

I often wonder what it's like when Aerial America producers have to sit in a room and narrow those short stories down to one. The great thing for all of us is we don't have to! You have interesting, compelling short stories all around you and not only do they support the powerful mission of your charity and churches, they help create passion and momentum.

Simply having a notepad and pen handy or short story notes on your phone can be one of the most powerful things you can do! Tell your community about the amazing work you're doing and do it through compelling, interesting short stories.


Bellagio fountains

They sat in a room and picked the best short stories but you don’t have to do that!

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