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"Ask to share" content

As you are creating your content strategies, think about your most engaged partners, donors, media members, families and more. They are your biggest advocates so it's not crazy to reach out every once in a while (maybe 2-3 times a year) and ask them to share your content...especially your most impactful content. It's especially helpful when you're doing a fundraising campaign.

When I am working with non profits, churches or organizations and we list the various platforms and ways to share content, we always include an "ask to share" category. Some groups that you can put into this category are....

Most engaged donors

Strong partners

Event partners

Impact families and individuals (the stories you're telling)


and engaged media.

One note about media....many media outlets don't have the staff they did just 5 to 10 years ago, but they're more interested than ever in being local! If you create content for them (Example - A family story video with the media logo and a thank you included in one clip) there is a very good chance they'll use it on their media platforms! Its a win-win and they get great cause marketing and you get additional promotion for your organization.

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