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Getting the most from your content shoot!

It's the day of your content shoot! You bring in families, staff, donors and other impactful people to tell your amazing story. A month later you receive your produced video. You love it! But as time starts to go by, you begin to think that you could have gotten so many more pieces of content to build momentum and buzz and tell your story year-round. There's a phrase I'm hearing more and more in Non-profit marketing world....

Volume, not perfection!

Your content day shoot should start with a plan to come out of that day with multiple pieces of content. I recently worked with the Children's Miracle Network group in San Francisco at Benioff Children's Hospital and we created a plan to create 30-40 pieces of content from just that 1.5 day shoot! Over 15 videos, 20 radiothon pieces and more! Our goal was to be as efficient as possible with the interviews that we conducted with families and radio staff.

CMN at Benioff Children's Hospital will be able to tell their story year-round because of how we planned this content day. They can even customize family videos to provide stewardship and promotion for their CMN partners! Make sure you're getting the most you can from your content shoots and using it to create a year-long marketing plan and not just one video.

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