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to enhance your experience narrative

Our mission is to help hospitality & leisure brands create immersive experience narratives that ensure their visitors & guests feel good and flourish.

Wellbeing best practices help us ensure that we are giving people what they actually desire and value, instead of what we THINK they want.


Your experience narrative (or storied experience) is the underlying story that plays out across the entire visitor journey. The ultimate goal for any hospitality & leisure brand is to take visitors and guests on a remarkable, meaningful journey that brings them joy and long-term happiness (and to get paid well for it). 

But most experiences end up falling somewhere between satisfactory & memorable, while they should be aiming for meaningful & transformational.

These satisfactory experiences lack a compelling journey, and as a result, people derive little value and meaning from it. On the flip side, crafting an experience narrative that considers peoples' wellbeing is a surefire way to create meaning, value, and positive transformation for your visitors and guests!

In this free guide, you will learn:

  • The key differences between wellness & wellbeing, and why every business can benefit from integrating wellbeing into their storied experience 

  • All about the Experience Wellbeing Matrix and some guidelines to evaluate where your experience falls 

  • Four major opportunities in wellbeing that you can get more intentional about 

Get ready to scratch the surface of the thing your visitors & guests care most about (and are willing to pay big bucks for): their happiness, comfort, and capacity to flourish