In this ebook I share important reframes and resources that helped me shift out of a disempowering manifestor narrative. If you struggle with people pleasing, playing small, or simply saying & doing what you really desire, I hope this helps you become unapologetically you (like the black sheep) and gives you the much-needed permission to step into your role as powerful initiator.


hello from a fellow black sheep 

As a 6/2 left-angle cross of healing, part of what I am here to share is stories of my own healing journey. What has worked, what hasn’t worked, and what I observe in my own quest to feel joy and peace in this world. My goal is to share AHA moments and resources that altered and sped up my healing trajectory here with you!

They say you only have to be a few steps ahead to help someone, and I remember what it’s like to be new to human design and my healing journey. So I hope my lessons from my first stage of 3rd line trial & error will help you. It's been a bumpy ride, but as I come out of my Saturn Return and head up to the roof, I have a lot to say.


When you purchase this ebook, you will also be put on a special newsletter where I will update you with reframes, perspective shifts, musings on being a manifestor, healing modalities and tools that I think you will find helpful. These are things that I will create specifically for this list! But because I am a manifestor and my urges come and go, I am not promising these on a monthly basis, but only as the revelations arise.

Thank you!