The Rebel


An experience for travelers who like to live on the wild side. No rules, no monotony. This is for the outspoken hospitality brand that embodies edge and a whole lot of courage.

If The Rebel were a decade, it would be the 60's. If it were a destination, it would be Vegas. If it were an astrological sign, it would be fiery Aries. But it's so much greater than these silly clichés. 

In its truest essence, this is a brand that is motivated to shake things up.

The Rebel doesn't care about what's hot and trending, it's the one setting the trends. And it does so by going its own way, never with the intention of going mainstream. 


If all their competitors start going one way, they're going to start heading in the opposite direction. And by fearlessly forging ahead with integrity, The Rebel attracts an offbeat crowd that loves a one-of-a-kind thrill.

This is just a taste of what The Rebel experience archetype is all about! Does it resonate with you?


Do you feel like your brand story and experience embody any of these values or ideals?


Do you feel like you attract the type of person that is drawn to this sort of experience?