The Innocent


Nostalgia, whimsy, play! The Innocent is at its best when it allows people to embrace their inner child and escape the demands of adulthood. 

This is not a place where travel & leisure customers have to make the hard decisions or worry about obligations. The only thing on their 'to-do' list should be whatever brings them cheer - plain & simple. 

The Innocent brand is the voice of carefree optimism, tuning out anything that might rock the boat.


This helps to create an atmosphere that fosters tranquility, ease, and wonder. 

The Innocent is easily impressed but just as easily disappointed. If you stick to keeping bad vibes out, attaining the trust & loyalty of these customers will be a piece of cake. 

This is just a taste of what The Innocent experience archetype is all about! Does it resonate with you?


Do you feel like your brand story and experience embody any of these values or ideals?


Do you feel like you attract the type of person that is drawn to this sort of experience?