The Genuine


It's your down-to-earth guy/gal next door, oozing authenticity. Take your shoes off and get comfortable, you can be your true self here.


Simple, non-fussy pleasures will make you feel at home with this approachable archetype. There are no theatrics needed for this earnest experience. 

In a world where everyone seems to be shouting and one-upping each other, people are drawn to the genuine to slowww down and focus on what really matters. 

Don't mistake this experience archetype for a wallflower - a lot of magic happens when you strip away unnecessary distractions & extraneous details and focus on keeping it real.

You can always count on The Genuine for a sincere, wholesome hang-out and honest connection. 

This is just a taste of what The Genuine experience archetype is all about! Does it resonate with you?


Do you feel like your brand story and experience embody any of these values or ideals?


Do you feel like you attract the type of person that is drawn to this sort of experience?