Standout Storybuilding

Get ready to rise to exceed the desires of today's hospitality & leisure the most creative & lucrative way possible. ​BE the buzz you wish to see in the world!

An online educational experience

The future of hospitality & leisure is all about purposeful pleasure

It's not enough today to simply TELL your narrative. Your story must come to life throughout the entire visitor journey. 


In this online educational experience, you will learn how to create a compelling, storied experience with more meaning, more personality, more value, and more magical moments for guests & visitors to flourish in. 

The result? More word of mouth, more lifetime customer value, and greater ease drawing the right people in. Less throwing money at advertising and OTAs. 

Here's why: It pays to put people's desires & needs first. Wellness tourism is expected to reach $808 billion this year, but wellness is more than just smoothies & yoga.


In this course, we explore what it takes to create an engaging story both on and offline that leaves people buzzing!

THe Perfect Program For... 

Boutique Lodging & Inns  Travel & Leisure Experiences

Wineries & Distilleries   Destination Dining 

Markets & Shopping Villages  Wellbeing Centers & Retreats 

A Positive Approach

This course is designed to help you create a meaningful, immersive narrative for your visitors & guests. It draws on the science of happiness and creative story strategy to create a remarkable, one-of-a-kind experience.


The three core considerations (to the left) are what we focus when building out the narrative to ensure it’s truly standout. 


Well-respected wellbeing frameworks, theories, and models are woven throughout the course to ensure that you’re creating a storied experience that people are magnetized to.


When you get intentional about how the story plays out across the entire visitor journey, you’re creating an uplifting narrative that visitors & guests truly value!

In MODULE ONE explore: What does your brand stand for? What’s the story you’re trying to convey and how do you do it in your own unique, personality-packed way? In this module we cover your brand energy and help you uncover your brand's archetype(s).


In MODULE TWO we explore: What motivates people to book? What's driving their decisions when they are seeking out experiences and activities? What does it take to stir up the positive emotions that move them into action? Get ready to understand your visitors & guests on a much deeper level. 


In MODULE THREE we explore: What sense of place can you integrate deeper into your experience? How can you engage all the senses in more culturally engaging ways? Module three gives us a multi-faceted look into what it takes to become a cultural hub and direct portal to the authentic local landscape. 

In MODULE FOUR we explore: What transformation do you want your experience to lead to? How does your experience contribute to someone’s wellbeing & happiness? Join us inside to explore the 6 Wellbeing Keys and how they get people talking and spreading the word about your experience. 

In MODULE FIVE we explore: How can you communicate the story of your experience in emotionally evoking, entertaining and enlightening ways across the entire journey? In this module we use the secret story strategy used by great brands to bring your story to life. 


In MODULE SIX we explore: What does a magnetic marketing campaign that stands out look like for you?  How can you begin to tell your story in more captivating ways that result in greater engagement? The final module teaches you how to communicate your story with personality. 

"This course is adding extreme VALUE to the beginning stages of mapping out my entire guest experience, and asking me the right questions about how I am evoking emotion with all stages of the journey. I absolutely loved going through the research you provided, it was like hitting a gold mine during this planning stage. Thank you for putting together this course, digging deep and delivering it in such an enticing and gripping way!" - N.H.

Investment: $444

This course is valued at over $5k, but you'll pay less than 9% of that to access this amazing collection of wisdom and creative strategy that you won't find anywhere else, especially as it is highly tailored to the hospitality & leisure industry. 

I have no doubt you will walk away with not only fresh ideas for making your brand stand out to your dream guests & visitors, but also a solid plan for an experience that enhances everyone's wellbeing. Including you and your team's, because creating an experience with passion & intention has a strong ripple effect. Happy guests, happy team! 


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I'm Samantha! After a decade of helping local hospitality & leisure brands transform their social media marketing, I'm turning my attention towards helping brands worldwide become irresistible to visitors & guests everywhere. 

What does countless hours on social media lead to? When you’re paying attention and listening, a lot of valuable insight. I have heard and seen it all. I’ve witnessed what excites and attracts people, and I’ve observed what bores and repels people. I sit quietly and pay attention to each generation as it changes and evolves. The last decade of marketing for me has been a study in what people really want! And helping my clients align their marketing to their customers' desires. 

You know what you also see a lot of when you’re on social media 24/7? A lot of the same old message and a lot of shameless promotion. Each business starts to look like the last. Remove the name and logo at the top of the post, and you’d be hard pressed to name the brand that shared it. 


This led me to asking why? Why did every business have the same thing to say? What was that about? The answer was perfectly clear: if your experience is just like your competitors, you’re going to sound a lot like your competitors. And as an avid consumer of travel & leisure experiences, I knew deep down this was true. 


When was the last time an experience really WOWed me?  When was the last time I felt a deeper connection with a brand? 

When was the last time I left feeling like I had just experienced something truly meaningful? 


So I set out to learn everything I could about the experience economy, storytelling, and how I could help brands turn this somewhat ambiguous marketing jargon into strategies that even the smallest business can implement. 


When I'm not helping my clients, I'm out exploring! By age 15 I had already traveled cross-country, from NJ to California, checking off many of the most amazing sites the US has to offer. And now I have dedicated my life to seeing the rest of the world, one destination at a time. My thirst for adventure gets stronger by the minute. I travel to explore other cultures through culinary pursuits, nature & agriculture, music & theater, and whatever other surprises come my way.


I look forward to guiding you on this journey of creating a brand and experience that fulfills you and your customers on all levels!