Story-Building Framework

Start looking at the visitor & guest journey like an interactive play.

A story that your visitors & guests immerse themselves in from the moment they discover your experience. Because after all, that’s what stories do. Good stories encourage the audience to immerse themselves, and this is when stories become most powerful. This is when emotional ties are formed, and people go from prospective visitors & guests to loyal raving fans.

You are the director & orchestrator of this story.


And these are elements you need to conceptualize in order for your story to have impact.

Theme: Underlying every story is a strong theme – a central message that is woven throughout the journey. What is the point of this experience? What is the takeaway you want people to have when they join you? This is where your brand’s vision, values, and virtues come to life. 

People: You can’t create a story people love until you understand people and what they love. What tugs at their heart strings. What they value. What contributes to their wellbeing. What drives them crazy. What drives them, period.

Setting: The setting is a vital aspect of any hospitality & leisure experience – this is how your destination plays into your story. How are you painting a picture of the culture across the visitor journey? How does the sense of place come to life in sensory-engaging ways through the words you use, as well as the in-person touchpoints? How do these touchpoints contribute value? 

Transformation: Like all good stories, the characters start off one way at the beginning, go through some sort of journey, and end up changed at the end of the story. This is where everything comes together to get your guests to their desired state. How do you immerse people into your story and take them from point A to point B throughout their journey?

When these 4 elements are reflected throughout the visitor journey, and done so in engaging, emotion-evoking, entertaining, and enlightening ways, you will be tapping into the most powerful aspects of story for your business.


And more importantly, you will be creating an experience that stands for something while taking into account the visitor or guests' wellbeing.