Meaningful & Purposeful


It's not about fleeting moments of pleasure, but creating moments of PURPOSEFUL pleasure for your visitors & guests that take them on a journey. 

This is the narrative & story to focus on building out.

Good stories engage, entertain, and enlighten. But the BEST stories immerse people in and take them from point A (where they are) to point B (where they desire to be).

Here’s the most important thing to realize about story: It’s not just a series of social media posts, a video, or page on your website. Your brand narrative is a journey that begins the moment someone discovers your experience, and it doesn’t end until they leave.


There are two kinds of narratives brands often tell: a narrative that plays out purely for entertainment purposes, or a meaningful narrative that brings people closer to their desires. Which of these narratives do you think has greater value in the eyes of your visitors & guests?


A meaningful narrative is one that takes into consideration your visitor’s & guests wellbeing: their long-term joy & happiness and their ability to live their best life. To truly flourish, people must have a sense of meaning, engagement, interest, and purpose.

Don't underestimate the power of ONE experience to shift someone's trajectory and change their life. Even small shifts can make a big impact when it comes to wellbeing.

Storytelling and wellbeing intersect at many key points. Storytelling and experiences that cater to people’s wellbeing both rely on evoking desirable emotions and engaging the senses in compelling ways. As hospitality, travel & leisure evolves, pleasurable experiences alone are not enough. Purposeful pleasure is the way of the future: where we strike a balance between joy and meaning.


Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses Resorts recently proclaimed, hospitality without some kind of narrative is not going to work anymore. It’s about having a belief system around what you do.


So with that said, let’s look at the important considerations of a narrative that goes beyond simply satisfactory.


Some of these may seem like really deep, thoughtful considerations – and they are. But when you create a narrative with these considerations in mind, it becomes something much more nuanced, dynamic, and compelling.


It becomes a story that your visitors & guests love being immersed in, instead of experiencing the same old. It moves us away from the surface-level, cookie cutter experiences that have become commonplace in the hospitality & leisure industry. 


When we aim higher and shoot beyond merely ‘satisfaction’, these considerations inspire innovative and creative thinking with regards to your your visitor & guests wellbeing.