visitor & guest archetype

Love languages

Are you speaking your visitors & guests (love) language? Not everyone is captivated by the same things. The archetypes can show us the way.

When we talk about archetypes, we have to keep in mind that these archetypes are not JUST the ways brands express themselves – people take on the archetypes as well. In fact, the archetypes were originally created a century ago by psychologist Carl Jung to help people recognize and understand their behavioral patterns. If you’re familiar with myers-briggs (INTJ here!) this is where it all stems from.  


Personality typing has become uber-popular these last few years… this is because self-identity plays such a crucial role in driving our behaviors. The more we understand ourselves, the more we (hopefully) are likely to make decisions that benefit us.


The more you familiarize yourself with the archetypes, the more you begin to see correlations between them. There are 3 key core motivation umbrellas that these archetypes tend to fall under.

The Romantic, Genuine, and Joyful are all driven by a desire for connection & play in some way.


The Explorer, Innocent, and Sage are all driven by a desire for freedom & curiosity in some way.


The Creative, Magician, and Rebel are all driven by a desire for expression & impact in some way.

And what do you know, these desires ALSO just happen to align with the greatest factors that contribute to our wellbeing! So the more hospitality & leisure brands can focus on these and start speaking visitors & guests love language, the better off everyone will be. The archetypes are a great tool for establishing empathy within your narrative and visitor journey.

The Romantic

Love Language: Sensual Intimacy 

You know you're speaking the Romantic's love language when you've found a way to marry their passions for beauty & aesthetics with their love for... well... love. Help them express their undying enthusiasm for the people they care about most, and you're golden. 

DO: Take the time to get to know WHAT sensory stimulation they love most and create intimate spaces for people to retreat to when needed

DON'T: Assume it's always romantic intimacy that people are craving or hold back on infusing the experience with extreme passion



The Genuine

Love Language: Authentic Belonging 

Down-to-earth, comfortable, approachable... you will win the Genuine over simply by allowing & encouraging them to be their true self. Draw them close by creating a warm and welcoming community - minus the theatrics and masks. They will see right through it.

DO: Find ways to remind people constantly that this is a safe space and think of smell gestures that help to establish trust & togetherness

DON'T: Send mixed-messages around your brand values or try to get too trendy or follow the shiny objects 



The Joyful

Love Language: Lively Good Times

If you can create an experience full of lighthearted laughter and playful pleasure, then you have won your way into The Joyful's heart. Eternal seekers of fun, this archetype lusts after a uplifting gathering. Give them some space to take life a little less seriously!

DO: Get creative with how you foster connection and break the ice and incorporate wit, weird, & whimsical touchpoints into a moment

DON'T: Make people think too hard or challenge them too much or get into cliché territory that could lead to eyeroll moments



The Explorer

Love Language: TRUE Freedom

Freedom in all its forms is a rarity in this world. Can you truly create an experience where The Explorer can roam without restriction in mind, body, and soul? These free spirits will have no problem sticking around for the long run if you can give them some space.

DO: Guide them without putting the pressure on and create moments for them to tap into their courage

DON'T: Box them in or try to micro-manage their actions or force them to conform physically OR mentally

The Innocent

Love Language: Carefree Optimism

Shelter The Innocent from the pessimism of the outside world, and they are yours for life. Remind them of the pure, peaceful pleasures that exist and connect over their childlike sense of wonder. Keep the bad vibes out and you'll be speaking their love language in no time.

DO: Encourage them to leave their obligations & worries behind and find simple ways to integrate nostalgia and slow living fun

DON'T: Overwhelm the, force any complicated decision making or shame them for their nature - encourage it by being a idealistic role model

The Sage

Love Language: Truthful Wisdom

The Sage knows you care when you take the time to really dive deep into a subject matter. To leave no stone unturned in the quest for intriguing insights and stimulating stories. The way to this archetypes' heart is through their mind!

DO: Create layered & nuanced journey that piques their curiosity and lean into puzzles, mystery, history, trivia, and the unknown 

DON'T: Go surface-level & miss out on opportunities to educate or make it a one-way flow of wisdom that restricts interaction

The Creative

Love Language: Inventive Expression

Imagination, individuality, flow.... THIS is how you speak The Creative's love language. They are hungry for an innovative perspective that inspires their own creative expression. A little artistry goes a long way with this archetype.

DO: Educate yourself about the creative culture of your destination and encourage imaginative & symbolic play and co-creation

DON'T: Limit their medium or restrict their creative expression or restrain creativity to a structured "workshop" or program

The Spellbound

Love Language: Transformation

The Spellbound wants to live in a world bursting with magical metamorphosis. You are giving them exactly what they desire when you create an experience that helps them along their journey and on their path to a higher purpose.

DO: Understand the impact your experience has on people and empower them with expansive, eye-opening narratives

DON'T: Assume everyone is seeking the same final destination or make it too serious - transformation can be a joyful process

The Rebel

Love Language: Disruption

The Rebel is on cloud 9 when they're surrounded by people and in an environment that goes against the status quo. You are speaking their love language when you bravely take them where no experience has taken them before (or do so in a way that's refreshingly different).

DO: Make a bold statement that stands for something bigger and create an environment that encourages rule-breaking

DON'T: Play into the system/industry standards or force other people to or confine an experience to a strict structure - allow for disruptive flow