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Worthy story

This resource library was created to guide you and support you in creating a standout story for your brand! Here you will find a mix of free and paid resources created specifically for hospitality, travel & leisure experience brands. 

But first, a little backstory and introduction into my perspective and approach. 

When I established my social media marketing agency in 2011, I had businesses coming to me saying "we're ready to get on social media! We're ready to put our business out to the world on Facebook & Twitter!" and my response? It was often "no, you aren't!"

Because 90% of the businesses didn't have a clear and compelling story that people would be drawn to. Their message was way too similar to their competitors, they had no distinct voice or personality, and they had no idea who their customers & guests were beyond their basic demographics (i.e. women ages 40-60, affluent foodies & nature lovers).

We had work to do. Because no marketer can captivate consumers in this noisy online world if these strategic brand elements aren't thoughtfully established. Their attempts will be be drowned out by the brands that took the time to really develop their story and create emotionally engaging content.


If you are marketing an experience or destination, your sole job is to paint a picture of that experience and transport people into it. To give them a preview of what your experience is all about. That's where storytelling comes in. 

Spoiler alert: this is about so much more than telling your origin story. While that's important and it does play a part in the storytelling process, it's far less about telling and much much more about showing.

A story that stands out in a sea of sameness is one that expresses a unique personality, perspective, and promise while also speaking to the true desires of the person on the other end. A magnetic experience brand doesn't come out and say "we are the best because XYZ", it expresses this by using emotion-evoking language and imagery. 

Eliciting people's desires emotions throughout their entire journey (from the moment they discover you to the moment they leave your doors) is crucial for success. After all, people who feel “emotionally connected” to a brand are on average 52% more valuable than even those who felt HIGHLY satisfied. But this requires understanding people on a much deeper level. 

People don’t book with their rational brain... they book with their emotions, beliefs, aspirations, and imagination.

So without further ado, let's dive into some helpful content to get you moving to create your own standout story! 


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