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Meet the 9 Travel & Leisure



Storytelling is the hot buzzword in marketing right now, but most brands are missing the mark because they are so focused on the storyline and aren’t paying enough attention to the characters. It’s the characters we fall in love with because they are relatable, authentic, and oftentimes just like us. 

So what reasons are you giving your ideal customers to fall in love with your brand?

Is it easy for you to express your charismatic personality & create a voice that stands out, one that potential customers love to engage with?


Are your values and motivations clearly visible so prospective customers feel that you understand them? 


Does your identity instantly establish a deep level of comfort and trust? 

Every good brand story worth telling has a dynamic and charismatic character at the forefront.

Experience archetypes speak to the deeper motivations, values, personality, strengths, and challenges of both brands AND different kinds of travel & leisure customers. 


Archetypes bring your brand to LIFE so that the story you tell has a strong IMPACT. 

And while you'll find some information about each archetype here on Standout Storytelling, this free guide goes even further to cove the five most important values and traits as well as the core motivation of each archetype, as well as some strategic prompts you and your team can use to start using archetypes to your advantage.