Meet the Experience


Every good story worth telling has a dynamic and charismatic character at the forefront, and archetypes are used as the basis to create lovable personalities in your favorite books, movies, and entertainment. But more importantly, they are how the most successful hospitality & leisure brands bring their experience to life!

When it comes to your brand, archetypes (also referred to as identities) are powerful tools to...

Humanize & harmonize your story and overarching brand experience

Help you stand out and stand for something in a competitive market

Establish consistency & act as a filter to gauge on/off brand decisions

Create desire and emotional connections with your ideal visitors & guests

Without a brand that radiates passion, purpose, and personality, all experiences would look alike! Every business would feel like the last, one cookie-cutter experience after another. 


Archetypes are the gift of individuality and distinction when you play your cards right. When you whole-heartedly and deliberately embrace archetypes that represent your brand's essence, and align them to your visitors & guests’ desires, your experience brand become unstoppable.


Archetypes may look like a lot of fun on the surface, but they are rooted in deep psychology! We look at each archetype and its desires & motivations, strengths, values, philosophies, and traits that shape it.


They cover the landscape of human behavior and emotion in an extremely logical way, making them easy to embrace and adopt. When we use them correctly, we can turn any cliché or one-dimensional experience into something unique and compelling.  

We have developed 9 that reflect our own research of marketing psychology as it pertains to the hospitality & leisure industry. These are modern and fresh archetypes that your brand can embody to create a more engaging experience for your visitors & guests! 

Take time to reflect and review on each one, asking yourself: how does our brand currently embody any of these archetypes? Which are most predominant throughout our visitor journey and guest experience? 

The Joyful

Vivacious & playful entertainer

The Joyful is always making people smile with their witty banter and uplifting perspectives. A minute rarely goes by without a laugh.
Quirky gathering places for people to have fun - that's what it's all about! The visitors & guests attracted to this experience know that life isn't meant to be taken too seriously. 

They are looking to escape the doom & gloom that can sometimes loom over our society. The experience that embodies The Joyful understands the massive importance of PLAY in this world. 

It's vivacious. It's lively. It's locking your phone away and being fully captivated by the endless amount of joy that the right atmosphere and people can bring out. 

The Sage

Inquisitive & wise truth-seeker

An old soul with a story to tell, The Sage experience is for people seeking wisdom and clarity.
This experience brings about truth and understanding, allowing people to deepen their learning and quell their curiosity...
at least for the time being!

The brands that embody the sage archetype are ones that value learning in it all its many, many forms.

They value intimate discussions on life's greatest mysteries. 

They are full of depth, meaning, and are designed for looking at life from a more objective perspective. 


The Romantic

Intimate & sensual nurturer

The Romantic is alluring, a true beauty inside and out. This hospitality experience fosters intimacy and connection like no other. It engages the senses in the most enchanting way possible.

This is the archetype responsible for starting chocolates on the pillow at turndown and heart shaped jacuzzis. But it extends far beyond roses and sunsets. 

It's more about creating sensual moments that put visitors & guests front and center with deep heartfelt emotions that they can share with others. 

Anything with superficial meaning won't cut it for the person drawn to this archetype. These people want to feel the passion, enthusiasm, squeezing every ounce of pleasure out of an experience. Give them this while also making them feel needed & loved, and you're golden. 




The Genuine

Down-to-earth & authentic neighbor

It's your down-to-earth guy/gal next door, oozing authenticity. Take your shoes off and get comfortable, you can be your true self here.
Simple, non-fussy pleasures will make you feel at home with this approachable archetype. There are no theatrics needed for this earnest experience. 

In a world where everyone seems to be shouting and one-upping each other, people are drawn to the genuine to slowww down and focus on what really matters. 

Don't mistake this experience archetype for a wallflower - a lot of magic happens when you strip away unnecessary distractions & extraneous details and focus on keeping it real.

You can always count on The Genuine for a sincere, wholesome hang-out and honest connection. 

The Explorer

 Worldly & daring wanderer

Challenges unbound, The Explorer makes adventurous travelers feel alive and gives people something extraordinary to discover. 

This brand embodies what it means to be a courageous free spirit on a mission (whatever that mission may be)!

It's a place to experience that rush of being on the cusp of the unknown. 

These experiences are not just for adrenaline junkies or backpackers. It's more about escaping the boredom and monotony of day to day life. It's for anyone with a bad case of wanderlust!  

This is something any experience brand or destination can bring to life for visitors & guests. Just don't fall into the commoditization trap - once the Explorer has gotten to the top of the mountain, they are ready for the next big thrill. So give them something novel to be a part of. 


The Creative

Expressive & freethinking artist

The Creative experience speaks to the artists, the forward-thinkers, the multi-passionates. It inspires, and truly shines when it's opening up space for unrestricted creativity.

No detail can be overlooked when creating an experience and space that fosters imagination and creative expression. The Creative must have a clear and clever vision that it shares with its visitors & guests. 
And it attracts people who not only appreciate looking at artistic concepts, but also getting crafty! Unconventional efforts pay off big with this design-minded crowd. 

Be the muse for your creative customers, and give them the tools they need to express their story to the fullest. 


The Spellbound

 Spiritual & powerful dreamer

Check your logic and rules at the door. The Spellbound is an experience designed for dreamers, where imagination and magical possibilities abound.
This intuitive experience archetype shows us what transformation is all about. It attracts visitors & guests who are motivated to awaken and experience life in ways no one thought imaginable. 

Disney is often cited as the quintessential Spellbound archetype because of the brand's ability to make dreams come true for people of all ages. Dancing teapots? There's nothing too whimsical or weird for this brand or its customers. 

But more importantly, these are enchanting experiences designed to have a profound impact on society, moving us into the unknown only to come out the other side and share our stories of renewal. 

The Rebel

Wild & edgy disrupter

An experience for travelers who like to live on the wild side. No rules, no monotony. This is for the outspoken hospitality brand that embodies edge and a whole lot of courage.

If The Rebel were a decade, it would be the 60's. If it were a destination, it would be Vegas. If it were an astrological sign, it would be fiery Aries. But it's so much greater than these silly clichés. 

In its truest essence, this is a brand that is motivated to shake things up.

The Rebel doesn't care about what's hot and trending, it's the one setting the trends. And it does so by going its own way, never with the intention of going mainstream. 
If all their competitors start going one way, they're going to start heading in the opposite direction. And by fearlessly forging ahead with integrity, The Rebel attracts an offbeat crowd that loves a one-of-a-kind thrill.


The Innocent

Carefree & nostalgic optimist

Nostalgia, whimsy, play! The Innocent is at its best when it allows people to embrace their inner child and escape the demands of adulthood. 

This is not a place where visitors & guests have to make the hard decisions or worry about obligations. The only thing on their 'to-do' list should be whatever brings them cheer - plain & simple. 

The Innocent brand is the voice of carefree optimism, tuning out anything that might rock the boat.
This helps to create an atmosphere that fosters tranquility, ease, and wonder. 

The Innocent is easily impressed but just as easily disappointed. If you stick to keeping bad vibes out, attaining the trust & loyalty of these customers will be a piece of cake.