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Every good story worth telling has a dynamic and charismatic character at the forefront, and archetypes are used as the basis to create lovable personalities in your favorite books, movies, and entertainment. But more importantly, they are how the most successful hospitality & leisure brands bring their experience to life!

When it comes to your brand, archetypes (also referred to as identities) are powerful tools to...

Humanize & harmonize your story and overarching brand experience

Help you stand out and stand for something in a competitive market

Establish consistency & act as a filter to gauge on/off brand decisions

Create desire and emotional connections with your ideal visitors & guests

Without a brand that radiates passion, purpose, and personality, all experiences would look alike! Every business would feel like the last, one cookie-cutter experience after another. 


Archetypes are the gift of individuality and distinction when you play your cards right. When you whole-heartedly and deliberately embrace archetypes that represent your brand's essence, and align them to your visitors & guests’ desires, your experience brand become unstoppable.


Archetypes may look like a lot of fun on the surface, but they are rooted in deep psychology! We look at each archetype and its desires & motivations, strengths, values, philosophies, and traits that shape it.


They cover the landscape of human behavior and emotion in an extremely logical way, making them easy to embrace and adopt. When we use them correctly, we can turn any cliché or one-dimensional experience into something unique and compelling.  

We have developed 9 that reflect our own research of marketing psychology as it pertains to the hospitality & leisure industry. These are modern and fresh archetypes that your brand can embody to create a more engaging experience for their visitors & guests! 

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Standout Storytelling was created to inspire hospitality & leisure experience brands to think more deeply about the story they're telling - both on and offline. With a focus on visitor and guest wellbeing, we have developed the tools to help experience brands create more compelling stories and exceptional experiences.

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