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Brand Building Blocks 

Any experience worth its salt has learned to beautifully integrate their identity with their destination to give travel & leisure customers a truly memorable experience.

We talk a lot about creating a strong identity with experience archetypes here at Standout Storytelling, but the other equally important component is the experience destination. 

The Explorer Archetype up in the Swiss Alps is going to have a completely different experience than the Explorer Archetype down in Peru. Sense of place, local culture, history - these things matter when you're crafting your story. 

Sense of Place: The distinguishable character of the region. This is where all the nuances and unique details of a destination come together to say "you have arrive in ________". On the flip side, placelessness is what happens when your experience could technically be ‘anywhere’. 

Local Culture & Resources: Culture runs deep, and includes but is not limited to the region's food & beverage, entertainment, arts, crafts & design, literature, music & dance, fashions & textiles, games, outdoor activities, seasonal & holiday customs, festivals, wellbeing practices.

Lifestyle Attitudes: The aspect of culture that is less tangible - everyday life behaviors, beliefs, patterns, and norms currently held widely by the community. Includes trends - movements and shifts in society that are impacting a group of people. 

(A note on trends:  Big paradigm shifts can last from 10-30 years and are a mega driver of change from one way of thinking to another – a revolution, transformation, and big underlying force. Sociocultural trends have a lifespan of 5-10 years and modify the value system and morals of a society and culture. Last but not least, lifestyle trends are changes in consumer lifestyle and behaviors, and these typically span from 1-5 years. They signify new practices within consumption, services, ways of life, and are driven by sociocultural trends)

History & Lore: All of the above, including important events throughout time and the stories that people took away and share about it. Everything about California during the gold rush was completely different than California during the 1960's. And at the same time, California's history shapes what it is now. Ignoring the history of your destination completely is to deny its sense of place & culture. 

When you craft your story and your experience, are you taking all of these things into account?