The 5 P's of


When we reframe the way we think about marketing & experience design to view it as storytelling, this encourages us to think about people as more than just numbers. It's incredibly powerful AND profitable.


When you start looking at your marketing as more of a story and less of a billboard, you’re naturally doing 4 things...

Positioning yourself favorably in the marketplace
Offering your unique Perspective
Taking on a magnetic Personality
And making a strong Promise to visitors & guests

When all 4 of these are strategically activated, you get the 5th P:



Because increased market share + higher perceived value = a desirable, booked out experience that thrives on word-of-mouth, loyalty, and high-value visitor & guest patronage. Let's dive deeper:

Your brand story is a natural positioning tool because when you really get down to the heart of your story, you realize there is no other brand exactly like yours. When this is communicated correctly, it creates a clear, distinctive, and desirable place (relative to the competition) in the minds of your ideal visitors & guests. This is done without stating the obvious in overtly salesy and repelling copy such as “Pick us! We’re the best because we’re the most iconic/luxurious/insert-boasting-adjectives-here” 


When you do express your thoughtful story, you’re automatically expressing your point of view, a unique perspective that tells prospective visitors & guests where you stand. Your brand is always making a statement one way or another – so make it powerful! When you express a strong belief or idea that your ideal visitors & guests share or aspire to, you create an enthusiastic emotional bond with them. 

And people who feel “emotionally connected” to a brand are on average 52% more valuable than even those who felt HIGHLY satisfied. Not only do they spend more, they're also 3x more likely to recommend your experience. - Harvard Business Review


This is where the 3rd P comes in: personality. Every single little detail from your website to your in-person experience is expressing characteristics that build up into one overarching personality. Just like you wouldn’t want to hang out with someone boring and vanilla, people don’t opt for experiences that are mundane or highly lacking in the personality department. When your brand’s charismatic personality shines through, it paints a picture for your potential visitors & guests of what the experience would be like if they were there. 

It sets the stage and gives them a taste of what’s to come. It’s the promise you’re making whether you realize it or not. Happening so quickly and often subconsciously, your visitors & guests are internalizing hundreds of details in less than a minute so they can come to a conclusion as to whether or not your experience could potentially satisfy their desires.