Stories Give People a Reason to Talk

Every single person in this world spends their day being captivated by stories, telling stories, or living stories out. Nobody likes to be sold to, but everyone loves a good story.

Stories engage our senses, and release feel-good chemicals in our brain. Our emotions get stirred up and we experience the story as if we were there. And when upwards of 80% of our decisions are influenced by emotions, this is something all brands can’t afford to ignore. 


Your brand story is the only way to give potential customers a taste of what your experience is really like. Your experience IS your story come to life!

Storytelling for hospitality & leisure experiences...

Gives your brand a charismatic personality & speaks to your brand’s value


Positions you desirably and increases the perceived value of your experience


Elicits real emotions and builds empathy to make people feel understood


Creates a strong bond with customers that leads to loyalty and word-of-mouth

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Every good story has captivating characters, a notable setting, and most importantly, a magnetic storyline that pulls you in deeper and deeper. Your brand has all of these things as well. We just use different words for them in the business world.  

Everything your brand expresses is part of your story. And when you take the time to craft it thoughtfully, you will win over customers and create strong emotional bonds that result in trust, loyalty, and word-of-mouth. 

This isn’t just about using your words & beautiful imagery; there is an art to storytelling!

Every brand story is 100% one-of-a-kind, but so many brands end up sounding like their competition and blending in.


This results in undesirable cookie-cutter experiences that won’t survive in the new Experience Economy.  

strong identities stir up emotions, compelling people to buy or book

Brand archetypes (pictured below) are a powerful way to bring your identity and story to life. Learn more about where they fit into the process of creating a memorable experience here. 

Free guide to experience archetypes - with bonus material!

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